These Elden Ring players ignore armor stats in favor of fashion

An image showing various Elden Ring Tarnished in a range of outfits, from something Guts-inspired to a sort of cottagecore monstrocity.

Forget Elden Lord, I’m trying to get that Elden Bling.
image: MarkMan23 / Indeimaus / MenasLG / Kotaku

You would think how important it is to carry the best battle-ready gear you can find for the hectic Crucible one souls game is obvious. For the most part it is. Whether running through the Gothic world of bloodborne or the high fantasy setting of Dark Souls, many players try to ensure that they are prepared for the difficult challenges that lie ahead. But there are those who have other priorities. Yes, FromSoftware’s games have garnered a loyal following of gamers who are at least as focused on crushing the looks as they are focused on crushing the enemies, and now this fashionable contingent has carried on that tradition elden ring.

the souls Games and the games that inspired them by demons souls to Team Ninja Nioh 2, have a community dedicated to putting together disgusting looks. Your Reddit community is called fashion souls, a home for those obsessed with the games’ various equippable weapons, forgoing better stats in favor of seizure cohesion. When it’s not dripping, it’s dry, and the folks in the Fashion Souls community only care about the wettest of outfits. You can see them congregating all over their subreddit, to post their favorite looks or even meticulously design their characters Characters from franchises such as The Legend of Zelda.

Input elden ringthe commercially most successful FromSoftware game yet. elden ring has attracted a growing fanbase who could care less about becoming the Elden Lord. Instead, it’s all about these players EldenBling. Your physique may suffer, but so do you Look good even in death. It’s a feeling character artist and Elden bling-er Mortal_Smell (who asked to be addressed by their username) in Reddit messages kotaku.

“The stats are terrible,” Mortal_Smell said during the discussion a very impressive replica of Kratos that they made in elden ring. “Kratos is a melee class, and I run around at 10 poise,” they continued, referring to a stat that’s especially important in melee combat as it helps you resist enemy attacks without staggering. “But you walk this path, you walk hard because if you think fashion is your friend… FASHION IS DANGER.” fashion posing. Pose a threat!”

This is a common refrain among those interested in creating a Tainted that would turn heads at any Lands Between runway show if that were a thing. What they’re all really addressing is something deeply human: you feel good when you look good, and that’s true souls games. Maybe dressing up well in the depraved and decrepit realms FromSoft creates doesn’t do that always keep you feeling good, especially when your outfit’s low stats are helping you get repeatedly buried by the same boss. But like EVO Director of Business Development tag julius told kotaku Via Twitter messages, there’s a difference between simply defeating a boss and absolutely crush it in style.

“Being able to look cool and feel cool is a big part of the overall fun of games souls title,” said Julio, its clouded adorned with Maliketh’s armor set and the colossal greatsword for a very guts Cosplay. “While yes, sacrificing optimal defence/attributes may not be the best approach to completing part of the challenge… it sure is a lot more satisfying when you win and look/feel cool in something you’ve put together.”

That’s what attracts people to fashion elden ring. It’s not about beating the game or trampling on it Star Court Radahn (if that’s still possible). I mean, it’s all about those things, but it’s also about bringing yourself into the world and using the Tarnished as a canvas for your imagination.

Next to, elden ringwill probably kick your ass for sure. If the terrible invasions and dominant katanas do not understand you, then maybe the glitches Will. So why not focus on what you can control: your looks? as Gaming YouTuber Indeimaus told kotaku via Twitter messages their tarnished sports Hoslow’s armor set by Volcano Manor, fashion in souls Gaming, rather than just a niche pursuit, has always been a focus for a great many gamers, whether they join online communities to celebrate their creations or not.

“I feel comfortable when it comes to gear and equipment souls Games are all about fashion unless a piece of gear has a specific buff on it,” said Indeimaus. “I don’t think I’ve ever met one souls Veteran that gets every thought started, aside from looking good and giving you the dodge roll you want (fast, slow, etc.). When it comes to actual gear defense, whether you’re naked or decked out in heavy gear, chances are you’ll still die quickly. I’ve always understood the importance of Fashion Souls (or Elden Bling) and have always focused on looking cool in-game, even when no one would see.”

But the whole point of dressing up, if that’s in a game elden ring or real life, is that people see you shine. We want to be seen in the best light, with the right filter and at the perfect angle. death one elden ring can be demoralizing, but you can make it a little more palatable by dressing in your favorite outfit. That way you’ll feel good and look good while roaming the Lands Between, as I think this quote from Mortal_Smell sums it up:

“If you don’t look good while becoming an Elden Lord, why would you even bother becoming an Elden Lord?”

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