The guts of Apple’s Studio Display exhibit a remarkable feat of overengineering

It can look very similar but Apple is new is in many ways a more complicated device once you open it. Alongside the company’s all-in-one desktop, the monitor is about 50 percent thicker, and there’s an interesting reason for that.

After his most recent I attach it the Studio Display to see the engineering that has gone into Apple’s first dedicated monitor since the Pro Display XDR. Finally, what makes the Studio display thicker than the iMac is a complicated multi-board power supply board housed within the monitor. Unlike the iMac, you don’t need an adapter to power the Studio Display. It’s one of those features that might seem small at first, but ultimately results in a better user experience.

“When [Apple] Had it gone with an external power supply, this could have been the same design as the iMac,” iFixit said. It should be noted that Apple likely expended a significant amount of engineering effort and expense to create a power supply as slim as the one in the Studio Display.

While disassembling the Studio Display, iFixit also discovered a few other interesting tidbits about the monitor. Almost every Studio Display review has complained about the poor quality of the webcam. Apple has announced that it will release a software update to fix the problem. Meanwhile, iFixit says the Studio display’s camera module is almost identical to the one in the . “In terms of hardware, a three-year-old sensor is quite capable of performing better than all these reviewers are realizing,” the company said. You should keep this in mind when considering the purchase of the Studio Display.

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