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Gurugram, India, April 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — – Fitness operators have a tremendous opportunity to engage a growing segment of the population that is exercising or considering exercising.

– Expansion of the gyms by opening new separate centers for men and women in cities other than Doha and Al Rayyan will increase brand visibility and member engagement.

– Increased demand for certified personal trainers among fitness center customers in the organized and unorganized fitness center market would lead to growth in fitness center revenue.

– Digital fitness and home workouts will gain momentum in the near future as most of the population intends to make virtual classes a regular part of their routine post-pandemic.

Evolution of consumer preferences: Catalyzed by the pandemic, exercise awareness has increased rapidly with consumers shifting to virtual classes, such as using pre-recorded video and live streaming classes to get their workouts done. Leading tech giants are collaborating with market leaders in the fitness industry to break into the market as consumers gravitate toward digital fitness subscriptions over traditional gym memberships.

Growth in Number of Establishments: The rise in demand and prominence of women’s gyms along with the upcoming FIFA 2022 and the rise in health and awareness among the population is expected to disrupt the industry.

Impact of COVID 19: Increased health awareness post-COVID will increase active participants in gyms. As outdoor exercise avenues like gyms and fitness centers have closed or offer restricted access, indoor exercise options are driving fitness-oriented customers toward at-home alternatives for a healthy and active lifestyle.

The report titled Qatar Fitness Services Market Outlook to 2025F – Driven by increasing health concerns resulting in the addition of a number of health clubs and gyms in the countryby Ken Research suggested that the fitness market is expected to grow further in the near future due to the growing health-conscious population, rising disposable income, rising obesity awareness, and overcoming obesity issues. health such as diabetes and cancer have been the main key factors driving the demand for fitness service centers in Qatar. The market is expected to record a positive five-year CAGR of 14.9% in terms of revenue during the forecast period 2020-2025F.

Direct economic impact of gyms

  • Overview of commercial gyms in the Qatar health and fitness market

  • Overview of gyms in hotels and resorts

  • Overview of gyms in schools and universities

  • Overview of Gyms in Townships/Residential Compounds

  • Overview of gyms in hospitals

  • Summary of Gyms in Sports Clubs and Gob. Organizations

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Indirect economic impact of gyms

  • Qatar Fitness Equipment Industry Market Size

  • Evaluation of Premiumization in the Real Estate Sector

  • Estimated Cost to Build a Gym

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Time period captured in the report:-

Key topics covered in the report:-

  • Qatar Socio-Economic Overview

  • Direct and indirect economic impact of the fitness industry in Qatar

  • Overview of commercial gyms in the Qatar health and fitness market

  • Qatar Digital Fitness Market Snapshot

  • Evaluation of the indirect economic impact of the fitness industry in Qatar

  • Qatar Fitness Equipment Industry Market Size

  • Evaluation of Premiumization in the Real Estate Sector

  • Evaluation of the indirect economic impact of the fitness industry in Qatar

  • Healthcare Scenario Overview/Health Statistics

  • Potential health implications and health cost reductions

  • Client mindset for fitness services

  • Impact of COVID 19 on the fitness industry in Qatar

  • Future Outlook and Projections for the Qatar Fitness Services Market

  • White Space and Existing Opportunities in the Qatar Fitness Services Market

  • Research methodology

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Qatar Fitness Services Market Outlook to 2025F

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