Patton Oswalt Catfishes His Son

patton oswalt is versatile You can play MODOK, narrate a lovely docuseries about penguins taking over a small town, and pretends to be a waitress in her twenties named Becca to get her son to talk to him. Hopefully there’s a filter for that. On the run from SXSW I love my dadOswalt plays Chuck, whose son Franklin (writer/director/star James Morosini) blocks him on social media. With his only lifeline for the estranged son cut off from him, Chuck invents Becca as a Hail Mary that works eerily well.

It is basically she is all thatbut instead of a bet, it’s a dad flirting with his grown son.

SXSW Grand Jury and Audience Award Winner, I love my dad also stars YouTube star and teen fashion presents Claudia Sulewski as the invented woman and Lil Rey Howery as the best friend in Chuck’s anti-dick photo. Based on a true story (really?), this is the feature directorial debut of Morosini, who has had roles in The sex life of college girls Y american horror story.

If the trailer’s opening gag (Chuck frowning as he thinks “sup?” means “soup”) is any indication, it’ll be on the softer side of comedy rather than the gross territory it could easily slip into. Also, “what’s up?” it officially means “soup” now. Text accordingly.

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