Motorola takes the 3rd US smartphone spot now that LG is gone

Motorola takes the 3rd US smartphone spot now that LG is gone

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LG electronics Leave the Android world last July, and while the company never produced a flagship smartphone that rivaled the best on the market, LG has been a prominent source of cheap smartphones, particularly in the US. Thanks to a new report by counterpoint researchnow we get a glimpse of what a non-LG US market looks like, and the big winner is apparently Lenovo’s phone divisionMotorola.

Counterpoint Research shows that Motorola ranks 3rd in the US smartphone market with a 10 percent market share. Apple takes the top spot with 58 percent and Samsung grabs a 22 percent share. It looks like LG supply collapsed around September 2021.

Counterpoint's current US market share chart.
Enlarge / Counterpoint’s current US market share chart.

According to Counterpoint, Motorola’s rise is largely due to its success at the lower end of the market and its good relationship with US carriers. Research Director Jeff Fieldhack notes in the report that “Motorola has been a key OEM filling the void left by LG’s exit. The OEM has all the key qualities that large carriers are looking for – a complete portfolio, the ability to grow volume, and low response rates. Motorola’s sub-$300 portfolio — the Moto G Stylus, Moto G Power, and Moto G Pure — has fueled its success in the US. Thanks to its reliability, Motorola was a keyless “switch” device, a device used by device vendors to remove subscribers from downed networks, or as a device used by MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) when switching carriers.”

Motorola occasionally makes flagship smartphones, but in the US those releases don’t come on a reliable schedule. The Motorola Razr is a gorgeous-looking, retro-style foldable smartphone, but it’s pathetically touchy; our first gen version from early 2020 collapsed in a single day. A continuation was announced just seven months later and launched in October 2020. That was 18 months ago and a Razr 3 is nowhere to be seen. As for slab phones, Motorola didn’t release a Snapdragon 888 flagship in the US last year. 2020s Motorola Edge+which features a Snapdragon 865 is owned by the company current US flagship.

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