'Lightyear' Producers Say That There Was A "Definite Pushback" to Kiss From Disney | THR News – The Hollywood Reporter

  1. ‘Lightyear’ producers say there was a “definitive rejection” of the Disney kiss | THR News  the hollywood reporter
  2. ‘Lightyear’ bans on same-sex kissing unlikely to have much of an impact on Pixar’s global box office  CNBC
  3. Buzz Lightyear movie banned for kiss  Australia Sky News
  4. Chris Evans and Uzo Aduba are closing Lightyear and What Else backlash for June 16, 2022  laineygossip
  5. Chris Evans Calls People Idiots Over ‘Lightyear’ Same-Sex Kiss Criticism  Access
  6. See full coverage on Google News

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