Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Fox News Conspiracy About Will Smith Oscars Slap

After a exhaustive dissection by Will Smith assault mid oscars on Chris Rock on his show Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel admitted Tuesday that it was still the only thing he wanted to talk about. “I feel like if they discovered a live chicken on the moon, we’d talk less about it than we would about this slap,” the late-night host joked.

This time he zeroed in on people who “think it was all fake,” including Fox News “reporter” Lawrence Jones, who said, “I really don’t think it happened, I think it was more of an act,” suggesting the whole thing. it was just promotion for Rock’s upcoming stand-up tour with Kevin Hart.”I just don’t see this happening,” he added.

“Well, the rest of us saw it happen,” Kimmel replied with a smile. “What would lead someone to a conclusion like this? Will Smith destroy his reputation the night he won an Oscar so Chris Rock and Kevin Hart can sell concert tickets? Explaining that these two comedy superstars don’t need any help, he added, “This is ridiculous!”

From there, Kimmel highlighted some of the other absurd theories, including one that claims Rock was wearing face shields to “absorb the blow,” as evidenced by a “clearly doctored photo” that has been circulating online.

Then there’s an old video that emerged of Will Smith teaching a boy, who “believe it or not, his name is Chris,” how to take a fake slap in the movies. “My God, they’ve been planning this since Chris Rock was a kid!” Kimmel joked.

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