Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.11 is out now, here are the patch notes

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Damn it, Guerrilla Games is really kicking ass with these patch numbers. Just a few days later Provision of the latest update to the Horizon forbidden westwas published by the Dutch studio Another one and brings the game to version 1.11. With a weight of 1,133 GB, it explains that this patch is actually versions 1.10 and 1.11 at once. Therefore, the download is quite a bit larger than previous updates. Take about five minutes to get this game on your PlayStation 5 and PS4 systems.

the Sticky Notes cover a lot of balance changes and fixes for main and side quests and fix an issue with legendary weapons. There’s even subtitles for the theme song In The Flood – “Time for a karaoke session,” the patch notes suggest.

As always, Guerrilla Games also highlights a few other issues it is aware of. This includes an issue with Atekka not using the Ballista in Blood Choke, the Upgraded Every Pouch Type Trophy still not unlocking, and new items not showing up with the correct icon. For a Complete overview of known issuesClick on the link.

Horizon Forbidden West update 1.11 patch notes


main quests

  • Fixed an issue in The Broken Sky main quest where players were sometimes unable to interact with or follow Kotallo after quickly traveling away and moving through other side content.
  • Fixed an issue in The Wings of the Ten main quest where, in rare cases, the objective wouldn’t update upon returning to base, blocking progress.

side missions

  • Fixed several conditional progression issues in the Thirst for the Hunt side quest.
  • Fixed an issue in the Boom or Bust side quest where overriding one of the machines during the Kill the Machines objective would not advance the quest.
  • Fixed several instances of machines getting out of range of the player during side mission objectives, thereby conditionally blocking progress.

world activities

  • Fixed an issue in the Devil’s Grasp Rebel Camp where the “Search the Command Center” objective could sometimes fail to be completed.
  • Fixed an issue in Rebel Camp First Forge where the player could miss obtaining the Sun Scourge arc by reloading a save after looting Asera. NOTE: This will not affect the saves of players who “lost” the bow because they reloaded the save after picking up the bow but before talking to Erend. These players can revisit Asera’s corpse. Asera’s corpse will always respawn until players loot the bow from her. Please take the bow so she’ll stop haunting the west.
  • Fixed an issue with Keruf’s “Missing Gear” salvage contract where the contract would fail to complete if the player purchased multiples of the required items.
  • Fixed an issue in the Plainsong Hunting Grounds where Trials sometimes could not be started or completed.
  • Fixed an issue with melee pits progression.


  • Fixed an issue where player level instead of kill count could affect whether Apex or Evolved machines would spawn in the open world instead of standard variants.
  • Fixed an issue with the Bristleback where the Apex version never spawned in the open world.
  • Fixed an issue with the Pflughorn where the Apex Pflughorn didn’t contain the Apex Pflughorn heart.
  • Fixed an issue with the Rockbreaker where “Mining Claws” could not be collected from an Apex Rockbreaker after detaching them.
  • Fixed an issue with the Slaughterspine where looting the Plasma Earthblaster from the Apex Slaughterspine would yield a Metal Shard instead of Volatile Ooze and Crystal Braid.
  • Adjusted drop rates for loot from the Snapmaw’s “Dispersal Tanks”.
  • Fixed an issue with the Skydrifter where the Skydrifter would get stuck in the air.
  • Fixed an issue with Thunderjaw where the regular (non-Apex) version never spawned in the open world.
  • Disciplined a tideripper that was caught bragging by slipping and slithered over its assigned habitat.
  • Fixed an issue with the Widemaw where its throat would keep spinning after being killed.


  • Fixed an issue with humanoid enemies where applying the killing blow with a spike thrower could cause the enemies to freeze in place instead of dying and falling to the ground.


  • Rebalanced unintended change to legendary weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with the Death-Seeker’s Shadow upgrade path: Increased impact damage for Advance Hunter Arrows with the first upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue with the Deathseeker’s Shadow and Lightning Hunter bows where crafting Advanced Shock Hunter arrows would draw resources from the supply.
  • Fixed an issue with Shredders where sometimes the reload and throw animation wouldn’t play.
  • Fixed an issue with shredders where advanced shredders used the same icon as regular shredders.
  • Fixed an issue with the Shredder Satchel where the Workbench menu indicated that the maximum number of Advanced Shredders was increased to 12, but the actual maximum number in game was 11.
  • Fixed an incorrect statement in the tutorial text for the Purgewater tutorial. The text used to indicate “In this state, their elemental attacks are disabled and they become more vulnerable to Frost and Shock attacks.‘ This has been changed to “Once in this state, their elemental attacks are disabled and their resistance to all elemental damage and conditions is reduced.
  • Fixed an issue with Coils and Weaves where mods intended to increase impact damage would instead increase overall damage.
  • Fixed an issue with coils and weaves where weaves that grant multiple defense increases would show the plasma weave icon.
  • Fixed an edge case where pressing the “throw” action for rock would trigger a heavy melee instead. Stealth players, don’t party too loud, the machines will hear you!
  • Fixed an issue with Hunter Bows where the reload animation played incorrectly when using Advanced Elemental or Targeting arrows. Players should now be able to fire arrows faster.
  • Fixed an issue with the Carja Wanderer, Nora Sentinel, and Nora Tracker armor where resistances decreased upon upgrading.


  • Activating a new quest prompt when it is displayed in the HUD will now correctly highlight that quest in the Quests tab in the journal.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to access a workbench after all weapons have been sold would result in an infinite black screen.
  • Action prompts and quest markers can now be hidden in the custom HUD settings.


  • Improved visibility in the underwater area of ​​the San Francisco Challenge Ruin Hobart Office.
  • Changed the sort order of some vegetation objects to improve render time.
  • Made adjustments to the dynamic resolution system to scale better.

performance and stability

  • Several crash fixes.
  • Multiple streaming fixes in game and cinematics.


  • Added subtitles for the lyrics of the theme song “In The Flood”. Time for a karaoke session!
  • Added a toggle option for loot actions in the settings menu.
  • Fixed several control remapping conflicts.
  • Fixed a default controls conflict between “Mount Light Attack” and “Select/Deselect Track” in focus mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Aloy could get trapped in an animation when activating a Valor Surge while using a zip line.
  • Fixed an issue where killing a hovering Petrel could sometimes cause its corpse to become stuck in a hovering position.
  • Fixed an issue where difficulty related settings could be enabled on difficulty modes that didn’t allow it.
  • Fixed several cases where Aloy could get stuck in geometry.
  • Several fixes to Aloy’s animations.
  • Several audio fixes and improvements.
  • Several lighting fixes and cinematic improvements.
  • Several fixes and improvements to body and face animations in cinematics.
  • Several fixes and improvements to NPC animations and NPC props in settlements.
  • Several localization fixes and improvements.
  • Several other bug fixes.

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