Horizon Forbidden West allows you to disable loot pickup animations

The newest Horizon forbidden west Patch has a small quality of life improvement that adds up to a big relief. Developer Guerrilla Games released two patches in one update, 1.10 and 1.11. They’re packed with lots of little tweaks, like bug fixes, repairs to broken quest chains, and making sure the right actions lead to the right in-game consequences. But a recent change not specifically mentioned in the patch notes is that players now have the option to disable Aloy’s pickup animations.

As Aloy moves through the Forbidden West, she needs to gather many materials to craft important supplies. You’ll snag handfuls of Fiberzest, Ridgewood, and an endless stream of berries. This isn’t particularly taxing if you’re just picking up a plant or two, but it starts to crunch just a little after the third dozen times you stop for some resources.

Fortunately, players can now go to the general menu and disable pickup animations. Aloy can now comfortably jog through the world while sucking up supplies. This does not apply to rare items or specific loot from enemies; You still have to stop to loot robots and hold the triangle button to pick up more important items. Even if Aloy has to stop and try to find something in salvage or a chest, she still has to go through the moves manually.

It’s always nice to see small improvements like this; They add up over the course of a large open-world game. Whether it’s the ability to toggle an animation, or the chance to let a cuter raccoon run aroundit’s good to see a developer open to change.

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