Here’s how the Google Pixel 6A compares to its biggest competitors

That Pixel 6A is the latest phone to join the competitive upper tier of mid-range phones also occupied by Samsung, Apple and others. Google announced the new phone on stage at its I/O 2022 keynote and only described a few key things about it. The first thing you should know: it doesn’t come out right away. Contrary to many announcements when products are on their way to retailers, this product is not available for pre-order until July 21, 2022, with orders shipping the following week.

Unsurprisingly, this new (and smaller) 6.1-inch Pixel phone borrows many of the same design cues from the more expensive one Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, with increased camera area and two-tone color scheme. The Pixel 6A is a big deal as it’s the first mid-range Google phone to ship with its Tensor processor instead of Qualcomm processors. It will be available in multiple colors but will come with the same 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage whichever you buy.

In case you’re curious how the Pixel 6A might stack up against competing devices like the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and iPhone SE (third generation) and how it improves over the last-gen Pixel 5A, we’ve just post this to you.

Google Pixel 6A compared to other mid-range phones

category Pixel 6A Pixel 5A Samsung Galaxy A53 5G iPhone SE (third generation) Moto G Stylus 5G (2022)
category Pixel 6A Pixel 5A Samsung Galaxy A53 5G iPhone SE (third generation) Moto G Stylus 5G (2022)
network 5G 5G 5G 5G 5G
Screen 6.1 inch OLED display 6.34 inch OLED display 6.5 inch OLED screen 4.7 inch LCD display 6.8 inch LCD display
refresh rate 60Hz 60Hz 120Hz 60 Hertz 120Hz
resolution 1080×1920 1080×1920 1080×1920 750×1334 1080×2460
biometrics Fingerprint sensor under the display Fingerprint sensor mounted on the back Fingerprint sensor under the display touch identification Side-mounted fingerprint sensor
battery 4,400mAh 4,680mAh 5,000mAh 2,018 mAh, loud GSM arena 5,000mAh
Front camera 8 megapixels 8 megapixels 32 megapixels 7 megapixels 16 megapixels
backup camera 12.2 megapixels (12 megapixels ultrawide) 12.2 megapixel main camera (16 megapixel ultrawide) 64 megapixels (12 megapixels ultrawide, 5 megapixels macro) 12 megapixels 50 megapixels (8 megapixels ultrawide, 2 megapixels deep)
R.A.M. 6GB 6GB 6GB 4GB, acc GSM arena 8GB
processor Google tensor Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G Exynos 1280 A15 Bionic Snapdragon 695 5G
warehouse 128GB 128GB 128GB 64GB 256GB
microSD support no no Yes no Yes
headphone jack no Yes no no Yes
Price $449 $449 $449 $429 $499
Wireless charging no no no Yes no
Waterproof IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67 “Waterproof design”
Including charger no Yes no no Yes
Colours White, Green, Black Black Black Black White Red blue green
operating system Preinstalled with Android 12 Preinstalled with Android 11 Preinstalled with Android 12 based One UI 4.1 Preinstalled with iOS 15 Preinstalled with Android 12

Correction May 11, 5:30 p.m. ET: The spec comparison table says the Pixel 6A supports wireless charging, but it doesn’t. We have updated the table and regret the error.

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