Global Asset Tracking Markets Report 2022: Market to Reach $60.7 Billion by 2027, Growing at a CAGR of 17.1% –

DUBLIN–()–The “Asset tracking market by infrastructure (platform, software and services), type of connection, mobility (fixed, portable, mobile), location method (GPS, beacons, RFID, others), type of solution, supporting technology and industry verticals 2022 – 2027” Report has been added to offering.

This report assesses asset tracking technologies, solutions, and the overall logistics and asset management ecosystem, including major players, strategies, and market positioning. The report assesses the impacts of specific use case considerations in terms of asset tracking technology and solution selection.

The report analyzes the asset tracking market by asset value, including low, medium and high value assets. The report provides analysis and forecasts by technology, components, infrastructure, solutions, and much more. This includes analysis and forecasts for asset tracking globally, regionally, and by major country from 2022 to 2027.

This report also provides an analysis of the fleet asset tracking and non-fleet asset tracking markets. The fleet tracking market analysis includes segmentation by IoT-enabled fleet tracking. In terms of non-fleet asset tracking, the report assesses the market for living and non-living things, which have completely different characteristics.

Additionally, the report includes market analysis of leading asset tracking technologies including barcodes, GPS, RFID, sensors, and IoT-based asset tracking. The report assesses the use cases for each technology and provides an assessment of the market outlook and forecast for each. For example, the report identifies market opportunities for the slap-and-track RFID-based tracking segment.

Additional report coverage details:

  • Analysis and forecasting by infrastructure, such as software asset tracking, including: cost management, audit management, purchasing management, condition monitoring, inventory management and more. This report assesses the market for asset tracking technology components, including remote computing, embedded, embedded, and M2M communication systems.

  • Assesses the impact of AI (including machine learning, image and pattern recognition, neural networks, and more), blockchain, and big data (including data storage and analytics) in support of tracking solutions of assets. The report also evaluates the cloud (including core and edge computing) versus non-cloud-based solutions.

  • Evaluate asset tracking by category, such as fleet management. This is further broken down by land and non-land vehicles and vehicle types in great detail for commercial trucks, vans, cars and special vehicles. In terms of non-road vehicles, the report assesses the market potential for aviation, rail and water vehicles. For the aviation market, it includes asset tracking for aircraft, helicopters, and ground support equipment. The report also analyzes the market without fleet tracking, including assets in smart buildings and smart workplaces.

  • Forecast for the aforementioned, as well as by region and country for the market size by revenue and unit deployment from 2022 to 2027. This includes quantitative data and projections with market segmentation by technology, technological components and integration, infrastructure, type of connection, range of mobility, location requirements and industry verticals. Additionally, the report includes analysis and forecasts for the RFID-enabled slap-and-track market, which enables quick and easy tracking for many use cases ranging from shipping to asset loss prevention.

  • Market analysis and forecast for the RFID-enabled slap-and-track asset tracking market, including solutions by type, deployment, assets, industries, and regions.

Select report results:

  • Global Asset Tracking Market to Reach $60.7 Billion by 2027, Growing at 17.1% CAGR

  • Global asset tracking market for AI-embedded devices to grow 32.8% to 2027

  • While fleet comprises over 78% of the market, non-fleet asset tracking is growing 17.5% faster

  • Asset tracking solutions are becoming increasingly attractive for assets with book value less than $1,000

  • The logistics and asset management market will witness considerable vendor consolidation through 2030

  • Leading companies will integrate asset management, logistics and connected device security as combined solutions

  • IoT-enabled asset tracking market will account for over 90% of all connected business and industrial solutions by 2030

Key Topics Covered:


Asset Tracking Overview

  • Asset Tracking Features

  • Asset Tracking Systems

asset types

  • Fixed, portable and mobile assets

  • High, medium and low value assets

  • Asset Tracking Market Segmentation

Business Drivers for Asset Tracking

  • connected devices

  • Connected consumer devices

  • Connected business assets

  • Connected Industrial Assets

  • Enterprise and industrial device management optimization

  • Smart cities, buildings and workplaces

Asset Tracking Technologies

  • Mobility Management and Connectivity Technology

  • 5G and multi-access edge computing

  • Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Artificial intelligence in asset tracking

  • Advanced asset tracking data analytics support

  • Blockchain Technology and Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking Solutions

Solution Considerations

Fixed Assets vs. laptops vs. Mobile

  • Asset Value

  • High value

  • Middle value

  • Low value

solution needs

  • inventory management

  • Control and Redirection of Assets

  • Asset Tracking vs. Asset Control

  • Real-time versus non-real-time tracking and location

  • Asset location accuracy and movement frequency

  • Alignment with the Workforce (Human Assets)

Specific Solutions

  • facility management

  • vehicle tracking

  • Commercial fleet tracking

  • Asset Tracking in Smart Workplaces

  • Asset Tracking in Smart Cities

Infrastructure and asset tracking services

  • Asset Tracking Software and Platforms

  • Asset Tracking System Implementation and Services

Asset tracking in industry verticals

  • aviation and aerospace

  • Automotive and Transportation Systems

  • Health care

  • Manufacturing and Industrial Automation

  • Storage, logistics and shipping

  • Government (State and Local)

  • Travel and Hospitality

  • Consumer electronics

  • Agricultural and Livestock Management

  • Extraction and Energy: Oil, Gas, Wood and Mining

  • Food and drinks

  • education and training

  • Building Construction and Automation

  • Robotics and Drones

  • Financial services

  • Information and communications technology

  • Energy Exploration and Distribution

  • Textiles and Chemicals

company analysis

  • actsoft inc.

  • ASAP Systems

  • ActivePanda

  • AT&T

  • CalAmp

  • full fleet

  • gigapist

  • Microsoft Corporation

  • On Asset Intelligence Inc.

  • Oracle Corporation

  • Spireon inc.

  • Sprint Corporation

  • Tena

  • trimble inc.

  • VerizonWireless

  • zebra technologies

  • SAP SE

  • Epicor Software Corporation

  • JDA Software Group Inc.

  • Stanley Black & Decker Inc.

  • Honeywell International Inc.

  • Ubisense Group plc.

  • Topcon Corporation

  • SPA of data

  • mojix inc.

  • Impinj Inc.

  • Sato Holdings Corporation

  • TomTom International B.V.

  • IBM Corporation

  • Telit

  • apptricity

  • Entigral Systems Inc.

  • NimbeLink

  • Sierra Wireless Inc. (Numerex)


  • Particle

  • PTC (ThingWorx)

  • Sendum Wireless Corporation

  • Senseware (Fedex)

  • sensitech inc.

  • sequins

  • starcom

  • Telephone

  • TrackX

  • vodafone limited

  • Chekhra Business Solutions

  • lowry solutions inc.

  • red beam inc

  • TVL Inc. (WiseTrack)

  • wasp barcode technologies inc.

  • jolly technologies inc.

  • windward software

  • Brilliant Info Systems Pvt. Limited.

  • Freshworks

  • Sortly Inc.

  • Q Burst

  • Northrop Grumman

  • Targa Telematics SPA

  • Speedshield Technologies (Adaptalift Group)

  • Limited Smart Asset Manager

  • Quantum aviation solutions

  • UpKeep maintenance management

  • pcsInfinity

  • Zerion Software Inc.

  • litho IoT

  • Advance

  • Alphabet

  • ARI fleet

  • arvento

  • Azuga Fleet

  • Blackberry (radar, QNX)

  • carmalink

  • Clear Path GPS

  • DriveFactor (or CCC unit)

  • estrack

  • fleet safety institute

  • Flotilla

  • Flotistics

  • fleet manager

  • FleetMind (Safe fleet powers)

  • floatup

  • geotab

  • global star

  • go fleet

  • GPS perspective

  • GPS tracker

  • GSAttrack (Global Satellite Engineering)

  • gurtam

  • inseego

  • Intouch GPS (GPS Trackkit)

  • lojack

  • Lytx

  • M2M on the move

  • mix telematics

  • IoT Boost

  • NexTraq (Michelin)

  • omnitracks

  • Past time

  • Pedigree Technologies

  • Raven Connected (KlashWerks Inc.)

  • rhino fleet

  • roambee

  • safe fleet

  • Samsara

  • skybitz

  • SmartPath GPS

  • Teletrack Navigator

  • T Mobile

  • Zonal Systems (Continental AG)

  • zubie

  • Fire

  • Tramigo

  • sheep

  • VTG

  • Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions

  • Visma

  • Sisphus

  • Ahrma

  • movement

  • CLS

  • iridium

  • cineis

  • sigfox

  • Flight

  • Myriota

  • astro cast

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