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Atmofizer Technologies Inc. and Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC.

Atmofizer Technologies Inc. and Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC.

Atmofizer technology makes virus particles larger and easier to remove

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ORLANDO, Fla., April 6, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today we are pleased to introduce an outstanding new company, and one with its own patented technology in which the United States Patent Office issued an air-related patent. and company water. purification system that provides industrial and consumer solutions for the times we live in and beyond. Seismic events, such as the COVID-19 outbreak, are often agents of massive change. Long after cases and hospitalizations decline, a new desire for a cleaner and safer world will likely prevail.

If you also believe that as a society we will take the safety of the air we breathe much more seriously, then today’s featured company deserves a review.

ATMOFIZER TECHNOLOGIES INC. (CSE: ATMO; OTCQB: ATMFF) offers industrial and consumer solutions based on its proprietary and patent-pending technology for the agglomeration and neutralization of ultrafine particles. This capability creates a revolutionary and more efficient method of addressing the wide range of dangerous nanometer-scale particles, viruses and bacteria that are too small to be effectively managed by conventional filters and UV lights. Atmofizer plans to disrupt the air treatment industry by improving air safety from industrial pollution, smoke, and airborne infectious diseases, while providing the additional benefits of increased air purification efficiency, reduced customer operating costs and negative impacts on the environment.

Atmofizer has released its initial device designed to prove-of-concept and join the immediate fight against COVID and air pollution, backed by internal and independent third-party data and testing showing nanoparticle agglomeration and reduction of viruses and bacteria. Atmofizer is focused on licensing its intellectual property to major appliance, HVAC, automotive, and medical device manufacturers for integration into their respective products and distribution networks.

I also had to look up what “agglomeration” meant, but doing so gave me a better understanding of the true effectiveness of Atmofizer’s unique process and product offering.

Agglomeration is “a mass or collection of things; an assembly.” Agglomeration is what is special about what Atmofizer is doing.

Atmofizer is clumping together airborne particles that may be too small to address individually and then removing them in an “agglomeration”. As Atmofizer explains in this video he describes the technology quite clearlyAtmofizer’s new patented disruptive technology uses a revolutionary application of sound and light to neutralize dangerous and elusive nanometer-scale airborne particles, viruses and bacteria too small to be efficiently destroyed by conventional filters and ultraviolet lights.

In that video there is a compelling moment where the speaker declares that filters cannot be made smaller (and still be able to process air efficiently) so the solution requires a shift from the old paradigm – the improvement comes from to make the particles larger so that they are more easily filtered or fall harmlessly to the ground and out of the breathing space; the increased mass also allows the particles to become more susceptible to being more extensively neutralized by ultraviolet light. This is what’s new and fresh from Atmofizer, which has created a patented component to neutralize harmful elements in the air at the time we need and want it most.

As the Greek philosopher Plato once said: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” For society, a two-year pandemic is undoubtedly the mother and a new way of looking at the cleanliness of the air around us from Atmofizer could be the invention.

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