Elden Ring solves 7-year-old mystery of Dark Souls 3

elden ring is FromSoftware’s most ambitious release to date, offering fans a massive open world filled with challenging puzzles, enemies, boss fights and more to explore. elden ring has much in common with FromSoftware’s earlier work, sticking closely to the Soulslike formula and borrowing some of it Dark Souls. Indeed it seems so elden ring even uses assets originally intended for Dark Souls games.

YouTuber Zullie the Witch recently uploaded a video showing an interesting connection between a elden ring enemy & Dark Souls 3. In the video, the witch Zullie explains how Dark Souls 3The files of contain AI for an opponent named “SnakeSoul” that was never in the game. The SnakeSoul enemy does not appear Dark Souls 3but the file name reappears in elden ringassociated with the recurring Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss.


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Since it was previously discovered that elden ring has used other bosses cut from FromSoftware games, the logic follows that the Ulcerated Tree Spirit was originally intended to appear in it Dark Souls 3, and is the long lost SnakeSoul. The Zullie the Witch video also includes a leaked screenshot from the Dark Souls 3 alpha showing a creature that looks suspiciously similar to the Ulcerated Tree Spirit, adding further credence to the theory.

Zullie the Witch’s video goes into further detail, pointing out the design similarities between the Ulcerated Tree Spirit and the Pus of Man enemy out Dark Souls 3. It’s a fascinating look at how FromSoftware doesn’t waste sliced ​​assets but instead keeps them for use in future projects. And since elden ring has such a huge open world to fill that it makes a lot of sense for cut content to appear in this game.

elden ring Fans should consider subscribing to Zullie the Witch’s YouTube channel as it is a gold mine for more interesting information about the game. In one video, Witch Zullie explained why the Rotten Strays are doing so much damage to players, and in another, they offered fans a closer look Refined Scion Boss, which shows they’re even scarier than they appear on the surface. They also found evidence of this elden ring Mount Torrent had an attack at one point.

It is possible to cut elden ring Content will later make it into the game as DLC, but that remains to be seen. There is rumors about a elden ring DLC expansion It’s a work in progress, but FromSoftware hasn’t made any official announcements yet. For now, fans can continue exploring the base game.

elden ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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