Elden Ring player makes compilation video of them killing AFK runebuilders

An Elden Ring montage captures numerous AFK pawns being killed by a genius player with the Jar Cannon weapon.

Elden ring glass cannon

Possibly the most accessible game FromSoftware has ever made, elden ring has attracted players from many different backgrounds. Featuring a huge open world full of enemies and loot, incredibly difficult boss fights and multiplayer ability, elden ring is a well-rounded package of features suitable for different groups.

Because of this, as well as the sheer number of players elden ring, there are players who will exploit the game’s weaknesses to gain an advantage. Usually these exploits are harmless, e.g elden ring‘s best agricultural locations which allow players to quickly acquire runes. Conversely, there are other, more harmful exploits to get runes.


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The most damaging of these exploits is AFK Farming, a new exploit plaguing the multiplayer side of the game. How it works is that a player can find specific spots in the game that invaders can’t reach, use a taunt tongue to attract players, and then gain runes when the player inevitably leaves or dies in some way. Luckily, players are already finding out Mohgwyn’s spear can kill elden ring AFK farmers along with other methods. Other players have found the Jar Cannon to be a great weapon for this purpose as well. Reddit user shiba219808 decided to share the information through a montage showing her large amount of AFK kills to prove her effectiveness.

Unlike Fight Clubs, which are organized groups of players who get together and duel while the host watches, AFK farming in elden ring uses both invaders and helpful hunters to achieve an objective that would be easy to achieve in an agricultural area; However, instead of using an area, some players choose this strategy because the effort is low and unfortunately the strategy can be successful.

The exploit dampens multiplayer in general, and so FromSoftware may find a way to fix it in a future update. Not only does it reward lazy play, it also blocks invasions and wastes the time of many invaders and hunters alike. Given the relative ease of other farming strategies, it’s unlikely that most fans would be sad if AFK rune farming methods were removed from the game.

elden ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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