Dual trailer pits Karen Gillan in a fight to the death against her clone

Is Karen Gillan against herself in the new trailer for Double, a sci-fi action movie that gives cloning a Hunger Games spin. Tuesday’s trailer showcases the film’s strange and charming mix of comedy and action. Double It will hit theaters on April 15.

Double takes place in a near-future sci-fi world where people who are about to die can clone themselves, seemingly to take their place and be there for their loved ones. However, this process comes with a catch: if a person is cloned but doesn’t die, he must fight his clone to the death to see who lives on. And that’s exactly what happens to Sarah (gillan).

To prepare for her fight to the death, Sarah turns to a strange self-defense instructor named Trent (breaking badis Aaron Paul). Trent helps train her, but during the year she has to prepare for the fight, her life falls apart around her, thanks to her more charming clone of hers.

Double is written and directed by Riley Stearns, whose previous film was The art of self defense. The film also stars Theo James (Divergent), Maija Paunio (border town) and Beulah Koale (the last saint).

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