Amazon PS5 supplies sold out – where to look for inventory next

To update: The PS5 Digital Edition is now sold out on Amazon. There has been online speculation that the retailer will also offer the option to buy a standard PS5 ahead of the weekend, but this is unconfirmed. Be sure to check ours PS5 replenishment Hub for the latest updates and the retailers to look for inventory next.

After weeks of waiting and a few false starts, Amazon is finally stopping PS5 replenishment at the moment. The online mega retailer currently has the PS5 Digital Edition in stock for $399but you need one Amazon Prime membership to buy one.

This Amazon PS5 restock started around 11:15am ET and we’re expecting the console to sell out extremely quickly, so head to the retailer now if you’re looking to snag a PS5 during this drop. Only the PS5 Digital Edition is available in this restock, but there has been speculation that the retailer will put the disc console up for sale later this week.

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